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Corporate Programs

Bringing Wellness into the Workplace

Stressed Woman

Reduce Stress

Improve employee health and reduce absenteeism

Man with Glasses

Improve focus and concentration

Reduce errors and support cognitive function

Meditation Hand Gesture

Learn to Meditate

Enjoy the benefits of meditation and improve mental health

Yoga Pose

4 week Learn to Meditate

Learn what meditation is, how it can benefit your employees, and a number of meditation techniques. Click the button below to download the program prospectus.

Designer Notebook

Customized Program

Build a program together to support your specific wellness goals for your employees. Click the button below to get in touch to discuss your customized program.

Fresh Produce

4 week Nutrition Program

Support your employees health goals with nutrition information and interactive classes. Click the button below to download the program prospectus.

Meditation Class

Weekly meditation classes

Bring meditation into the workplace with weekly classes. 45 minutes for attendees to take time out to connect with themselves. Click the button below to contact us to set up your classes

Weight Loss Essentials

4 week Holistic Wellness Program

Incorporating meditation, nutrition and herbal medicine. At the end of the course each employee will have a personalised holistic Wellness Plan. Click the button below to download the program prospectus.

Lending a Helping Hand

Additional Services Available

Well Within has many other services available that you can add to your corporate wellness program. Including reiki, yoga, and much more. Contact us via the button below to discuss further

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