Metamorphosis Program

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How the program works


Session 1: 

In your first 1 hour session, Caitlin will spend time with you learning your story and understanding your health history and what makes you, you.


She will  then outline a treatment plan including diet, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional supplements, meditation as needed to get you started on your wellness journey.


She will explain everything as she is going so you are also empowered by understanding your own body and why Caitlin is using the treatments she is using. 

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Session 2: 

Session 2 allows you to review your original treatment plan with Caitlin and refine what is working. Here you will also delve deeper into different aspects and really start to heal the root cause of what is happening to you.


By this time you will be noticing different patterns with your health and links between your physical and mental health.


Please note the time between sessions is personalised to you and your journey. You will always go at a pace that you are comfortable with to make sure you make long-term change. 

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Session 3: 

In your third session you are consolidating everything that you have learned over the previous sessions. You will be seeing transformation in your health and wellbeing. 

With the deep understanding and education you have received you are empowered to make choices regarding your health and make positive changes that you will keep with you for the long-term. 

Depending on your condition, you may wish to continue with further sessions with Caitlin. These three sessions are the foundation for you to transform your health.