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Reiki Practitioner & Doula

Paty Gonzalez

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Paty is one of the cofounders of Well Within, a Chilean who grew up in Canada and returned to Chile in 2007, where she found her spiritual path in life.

Her spiritual journey began around 2016 when she felt there was something more she needed to explore. It was then that Reiki unexpectedly entered her life, finding her instead of the other way around. Living on autopilot was fine, but Paty felt a void in her life that needed to be filled. Reiki continued to show up in different aspects of her life, and after researching its benefits, she knew it would become an important part of her path. In December 2016, she took her first real steps by receiving Reiki attunement from a Reiki Master.

Paty delved into energy healing, working on aligning and balancing Chakras. She understood that when energy is low, it's more likely to experience illness and stress, while high energy leads to greater happiness and well-being. Energy healing can promote relaxation, reduce pain, accelerate healing, and alleviate other symptoms of illness.

Reiki became a natural and safe method of spiritual healing and personal growth that Paty passionately utilizes. She invites those who have never experienced Reiki to give it a try, as it offers many benefits for the mind, body, and spirit, even as a form of relaxation.

This opened another door, leading her to become a Doula in 2021, supporting women in the miracle of childbirth, following the Michael Odent Method. As a full-spectrum Doula, she provides guidance and support not only to her clients but also to their loved ones. Her goal is to help her clients feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. As a mother of three and having experienced losses, she understands the emotions, joys, and fears that life presents to us. Life is a circle, and we all experience both highs and lows. Paty is here to accompany you with care and reflection at every stage, whether it's during the miracle of life or at the end of life and in grieving.

"In this journey of life, I have reflected a lot about my place in this world and where I belong. But one truth I feel with absolute certainty is that when I immerse myself in my spiritual practice, my soul finds peace and feels at home. Sometimes, the demands of work and daily routines can exhaust us, and it is in those moments when our energy decreases, leaving us tired and irritable, that we can renew our energy with Reiki. Through the use of Reiki, you will discover an experience of peace and tranquility. I have devoted tireless effort to rediscover my path, and I never cease to be amazed at how I feel completely in tune with my being when I practice this wonderful spiritual gift."

Paty is fully bilingual and able to do on-line consults and in person. She also has run workshops and helped conduct New Moon and Full Moon Women Circle Meditations

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Client testimonial

Paty is a light! Her energy is so uplifting and loving. She provided many great perspectives and insights to the program. Paty is also so kind and genuine. I am excited to practice reiki with her because given her energy I’m sure it will be a powerful and yet tranquil experience.

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