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Reiki Practitioner

Paty Gonzalez

Paty is a founder of Well Within and a Chilena who grew up in Canada and moved back to Chile 2007 and this is her journey with Reiki. 

Before Reiki she was living life on autopilot, it was fine but felt there was something else missing from her life.  She began her spiritual journey around 2016 and things were falling into place, but she knew there was something more she needed to be doing.  She feels Reiki found her instead of the other way around. 

In the summer of 2017, Reiki kept popping up in different aspects of her life, after researching it, she knew it would be part of her life. The universe answered her questions, and in December 2017 was gifted her course and she was attuned by a Reiki Master. 

Paty says “I’ve been on and off on my life path, figuring things out as to where I belong in this world.  But one of my known truths, which I know for sure, is that when I practice Reiki it feels oh so right.  As most of us deal with work and home life and everyday life takes over sometimes you are too tired to use it,  when your energy takes on a lower vibration, more tired, more irritable, and you practice Reiki you will experience bliss.   I've worked hard to get back on my path and it never ceases to amaze me how at home I feel when I’m practicing this wonderful gift.”  

* Due to the pandemic, she is currently working on-line with Distance Reiki Healing, a guided on-line therapy involving Chakra Energy Healing. 

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Client testimonial

Paty is a light! Her energy is so uplifting and loving. She provided many great perspectives and insights to the program. Paty is also so kind and genuine. I am excited to practice reiki with her because given her energy I’m sure it will be a powerful and yet tranquil experience.

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