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Online and in-person programs

Heal Your Gut

5-Step Program

Step 1: Comprehensive Assessment

  • Understanding who you are and what you need

Step 2: Your personalised Diet

  • Finding the food that is right for you

Step 3: Gut healing

  • Key steps to restore your digestive processes and eliminate painful symptoms

Step 4: Stress Management

  • Stress management techniques to eliminate the effect on your digestive system 

Step 5: Digging Deeper

  • Looking at other body systems that are connected

Book your discovery session with Caitlin to see if this program is right for you!

Heal Your Gut

Heal Your Gut

3 month gut healing program for IBS


Weight Loss

Holistic approach to weight loss

Stressed Woman

Burnout to Balance

Reduce your Stress and increase your energy

Weight Loss

Body, Mind and Spirit approach to Weight Loss

It's not about calories. It's not a diet. It is a lifestyle that incorporates food so you feel Well Within. Looking not only at what makes you feel good physically but the emotional and mental aspects of what you eat, when you eat and how you eat. This is a long-term change that you take with you for life. 

Weight Loss

From Burnout to balance

Optimize your busy workday, lower stress and increase energy in just 6 weeks!

Do you lead a busy life? But are you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? Then this is the course for you. Incorporating physical, mental and spiritual practices to bring your life into balance around your diet and lifestyle. This program includes:

  • Step- by-step Program 

  • Weekly emails

  • Whatsapp or Facebook Group Support

  • Recipes with Video Demonstrations

  • Guided Meditations

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